Women of Nativity History

For over 30 years the Women of Nativity have utilized the time, talent and goodness of hundreds of women from our parish. The Women of Nativity has evolved into a generous family oriented group that reaches out to others locally and afar. Through the selflessness of WON members, many organizations have sprung from its early years and exist today. Some of these include: the Gift Shop, Baptismal Bib Committee, and Mom & Me.

Sister Vicky, a spiritual counselor in the 90s, emphasized three components to stewardship that we hold dear today: time, talent and treasure. WON continues to be guided by these components. Because WON is an organization that recognizes that every woman of Nativity wears many hats in her home, our projects give women the freedom to choose where and when they want to help. There is no obligation nor expectation of one’s time and interest. We appreciate every member and whatever time they can give. WON currently has approximately 200 members on our roster. We keep these registered members apprised of our actions and prayer requests.  However, every woman of Nativity Parish is a member of the Women of Nativity.

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