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Goal Reached!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The Knights want to thank the entire Nativity Family for their incredible support of the Appalachia Home Building effort to build Nativity’s 21st home in the 5th poorest county in our country. We had a goal of $65,000 and you helped us achieve a total of $65,100 which is the highest ever collected…INCREDIBLE!”

This will be our last update even though monies will still continue to come in.

Donate Today

The Knights want to thank the entire Nativity Family for its outpouring of support for the Appalachia Home Building effort.  As a result of the January 2019 weekend collection, donations total over $54,000 towards the goal of $65,000.

Donations can still be made! Checks may be made payable to Nativity Catholic Church, but please annotate that it is for the Appalachia Home Building.  Checks can be mailed to the church or dropped off in person. Questions may be referred to Bob Corsi at 703-239-2890, [email protected].  Please help if you can!

2019 Project

For the last 18 years, the Nativity Knights and Nativity Catholic Church have partnered with the Appalachian Construction Crew operating out of Bellevue, Nebraska, to build one or two homes in McCreary County, Kentucky, which is rated as one of the top counties in this country for income below the poverty level. Throughout the year both crews raise money to offset the cost of approximately $75,000 to build the home. Nativity has raised over $65,000 in past collections and has now become the main funding source for the annual home building effort. Without Nativity’s support, the home building effort would have ceased in 2005. Last year, the combined crews built a home for the Strunk family. The father held a full-time job making approximately $21,000 and the family of four lived in a rundown trailer. We are trying to equal our past collection efforts — but we can’t do it without your help. This will be the 21st home built by Nativity and the Knights.

This year Good Shepherd Chapel in Whitley City selected the Cates family of five to receive our next home. The family has been living in a trailer that has significant mold issues and is nearly impossible to heat in the winter. Over a very compressed two weeks in June, the combined crews will build a 1,100SF, three-bedroom home, complete with porches, interior electric, and a septic system — the family assists if they are able. This year we again plan to have multiple crews and stay longer to install the sheetrock, kitchen cabinets, and do more of the interior finishing to help get the family in earlier and reduce the overall cost. A handyman prepares the foundation and because of new county requirements, we must hire local electricians and plumbers who work side-by-side with our crews to complete the home which has significantly added to our costs. Last year we were able to get the family moved in by the third week in June, literally days after we completed the home. Please help if you can, but above all pray that we may be able to continue this important mission!

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