Guest Speakers – “Marriage: Faith and Forgiveness”

Special Guest Speakers: Saturday, March 16

“Marriage: Faith and Forgiveness”

Join Mary and Jerry Lenaburg for a conversation on marriage as they share wit and wisdom from their 30 year journey together. They have faced many challenges over those three decades including addictions, changing of careers, loss of parents, challenging issues with parenting including caring for their profoundly disabled daughter Courtney until her death in 2014. Against the odds, they have remained faithful to God and one another learning to let go of expectations and allow Him to be the center of their love story which is still being written. You will laugh, maybe even shed a tear but in then end you will leave inspired that hard things can be beautiful.
When: March 16  from 9:00 – 10:30
Where: Father Ready Room

*This talk takes place during our usual Saturday gathering. We will have adults available to lead activities with the toddlers so you parents can pay attention to the talk. 

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