Love Is Given | The Spiritual Gifts Workshops


Come and learn what the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit are, how they operate, and how to activate them in your daily life as well as for service in the Church. The workshops are designed to not only teach but also demonstrate the gifts and are presented by a Spirit-filled team. You are all welcome to attend to stir up, refresh, and strengthen the gifts within you!

The workshops include: The gift of prophecy; the gifts of wisdom and knowledge; the gift of discernment of spirits; the gift of praying in tongues and the gifts of tongues and interpretation; and finally, the gifts of faith, healing and miracles.   This event is hosted by the Love is Given Prayer Group.

When: Thursday, February 27 – March 26 | 7:00 pm
Where: Fr. Ready Room

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].


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