Nativity Rosary Ministry Meeting

This past year the rosary makers have made over 6000 rosaries for the foreign missions. Some of our motivation comes from the letters we receive from those who receive the rosaries. For example: Dorothy from Mary’s Call tells us, “Dear Rosary Makers, A part of you is in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana and in the hearts of the people there and in their prayers too. It is exciting to hear about the happiness and joy of the people who receive your rosaries.. . Fr. Anthony prays for you each day as does a  new priest, Fr. Peter who is setting up a new church in the mountains in Nairobi. Other priests also ask Fr. Anthony for rosaries. . . you are getting well known and you are being prayed for. How you are spreading the rosary and prayers is miraculous. Thank you from a very grateful heart.”

The rosary makers also supply our community and parish with rosaries- through the church rosary board, Religious Education, Legion Of Mary, pro-life rosaries, Divine Mercy, Corpus Christi, and more.

There is a great need for rosaries and our intent is to put a rosary in as many hands as we can. That is why we are asking you to join us.

Come and join us to learn cord rosaries or knotted rosaries. Once you learn you can work at home at your own pace. We provide all the supplies. This is an awesome ministry for the young and old; women and men.

Meeting Time: September 16 | 12:00 – 2:00 pm
Location: Fr. Ready Room

If you have any questions, contact Diane Fields at [email protected] or Soledad Olivera at 703-863-0710

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