SPRED Program

Nativity’s SPRED program (Special Religious Development) has been very busy this Advent season.  On December 8th, Nativity hosted the Diocesan SPRED Advent Mass.  Over 100 of Nativity’s SPRED friends and family attended. Bob Luby, one of our SPRED students, read the Second Reading.  Peter Aziz, another student, and his family  presented the Offertory Gifts.  On December 14th our SPRED community assembled to celebrate Advent. They made Advent wreaths, decorated gingerbread cookies and had a visit from Santa Claus!  Everyone had a wonderful time.

 If you are thinking about volunteering to help in Nativity’s SPRED  program, or if you have a child who would benefit from participating in  SPRED classes, please visit or call the Religious Education office at 703-455-0372.  We are taking names of children to place on our waiting list for the 2020-2021 calendar year.

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