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The Women of Nativity will sell White House Ornaments again this year.  However, this year we have moved to an online system (instructions below).

The 2020 White House Ornament John F. Kennedy, the thirty-fifth president of the United States. Before his presidency was cut short by an assassin’s bullet, he had reinvigorated the American spirit. His legacy lives on in his youthful belief in America and his faith in America’s responsibilities to the world. With this ornament we remember President Kennedy through his posthumous official White House portrait, made in 1970 by Aaron Shikler. The portrait, symbolic of his unfinished presidency, hangs in the White House today.

The Women of Nativity appreciate your support!

2020 Online Ordering Instructions

  1. Reserve your White House Christmas Ornament online between September 4 – 20 We have extended the date…It will now close Wednesday Night! This will allow us to order an accurate amount and get the best pricing possible.  If we have over 500 ornament orders the price will be $20.00 per ornament, if not then the price will be higher.
  2. Pay for ornament(s) from September 24 – completion. Invoices will be emailed to those that have reserved ornament(s) with payment instructions.  Payments will be processed online using a secure site.
  3. Ornaments will be available for pick-up in October.  We will email the pick-up instructions. There were will be an alternate option for curbside pick-up at the church.

Please direct any questions to Annette Bursey at [email protected]

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  • If we have over 500 ornament orders the price will be $20 each, if not then the price will be higher.
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