Advent Ideas

The word “advent” originated from the Latin “adventus” which means coming. The season of Advent, therefore, is the preparation for the coming of Jesus, first through his birth and ultimately, his coming again in glory at the end of time. This year it runs from Dec. 2 to Dec. 24. Advent marks the beginning of the liturgical year in the Catholic Church.   The liturgical year celebrates the sacred mysteries of the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. During the four-week season of Advent, we are invited to repent of our sins, pray and draw ourselves closer to God as we prepare for his coming.

Need some new ideas to bring Advent into your home?

Advent Wreath

The most traditional way to celebrate Advent is to light and pray the Advent Wreath.  It is a beautiful way to mark the passing of the season as we draw nearer to Jesus’ birth.

Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar fun way to mark the days until Christmas.  However, this year instead of chocolate candies try 24 random acts of kindness or bible verses for each day.

Jesse Tree

This is a fun family activity to connect bible stories to decorating the tree with ornaments.  Here is a better link to free printable ornaments.

Giving Manger

Every time someone in the family does a kind act, they put a piece of straw in a manger for Jesus. Fill up the manger by Christmas with all of your kind deeds!

Advent Crafts

The internet is full of ideas for Advent crafts for kids, but here are a couple sites to save you some search time.

Advent Crafts 1

Advent Crafts 2

Living Liturgically

Spend a little time separating Advent from Christmas with time in the Word.

Celebrate like a Catholic

This is a beautiful summary of all the ways we can celebrate Advent in our home and with our family.

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