Stella Marina

Stella Marina, an Operation Starfish project, was founded in 2014 to help provide clean birthing kits to the midwives in northern Haiti.


Birthing & Newborn Kits

With support from our wonderful parish family, Girl Scout troops, Boy Scout troops, churches and organizations around the country, Stella Marina has made almost 18,000 clean birthing kits. Three years ago we added a newborn kit to accompany the birthing kit and, to date, have made almost 6,470+ newborn kits.

With the support of Food For The Poor, we are able to ship our kits and other supplies to Cap Haitian, Haiti.

What's in our Birthing & Newborn Kits?

Midwife Training

Stella Marina has also partnered with INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital and uses their Labor & Delivery Simulation Lab to record training segments for the midwives to view during their monthly meetings. With the guidance of a L&D nurse and our wonderful translator, we are able to produce segments on any subject the doctor deems necessary. In addition to various birthing scenarios, we have made segments on the ultrasound and blood pressure devices sent to the midwives.

Stella Marina has outfitted every midwife with a proper midwife bag, handheld ultrasound device, blood pressure device, flashlight, batteries, and gel. This provides a safe, dry place to keep all things necessary when called upon to attend a delivery.

Serve With Us

Want to volunteer with our ministry? We can use help with our supply storage (thank you CubeSmart), prepping and helping at kit builds in the area and spreading the message of Stella Marina.

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have also volunteered with our ministry to do their senior awards. We always welcome young people who want to become involved.

Please send your email address to

Heaven’s Baby Angels

Stella Marina, an Operation Starfish project, is pleased to share our partnership with Heaven’s Baby Angels.

Heaven’s Baby Angels collects wedding gowns and converts them into beautiful bereavement outfits for those babies lost due to miscarriage, stillbirth and those babies who die after birth. Dedicated volunteers donate their time, talents and materials that are not provided by the wedding gowns to this much needed labor of love program.

** Please note, we are NOT collecting wedding dresses at Nativity at this time.  

Mission Trips

Stella Marina mission trips are designed for anyone over the age of 18 to encounter Christ in the poor.  Our mission trips focus on midwife training and visiting clinics and hospitals in the Cap Haitien region.  No medical experience is required, just a willing heart.  We hope to resume mission trips as soon as it’s safe to do so.

We work with Food for the Poor, Inc., to plan this trip and connect it to our parish’s Operation Starfish Ministry.

Stay tuned for information on our next Stella Marina Mission Trip!

2018 Mission Trip: Highlights

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