Prayer Shawl Ministry

Shawls are knitted or crocheted into a “mantle of prayer” by parishioners. Prayers are said during the process for the recipients who are seriously ill.

As the recipients turn over their needs to God, we ask that they might receive the consolation and peace that only God can give.  The recipient’s name is written in a book as we continue to pray for them.

The shawls are blessed by our priests and a prayer is attached to each shawl.  Although there is no charge for the shawls, a donation would be greatly appreciated for the cost of the materials and/or the funding of the Ministry.

It is very important to realize that the shawls are just a tangible sign of the prayers of our parish for those in need. Please remember to pray for those who receive a prayer shawl and seek God’s consolation and peace.

What Have We Been Up To Lately?

We are a very active ministry with nearly 100 women.  We help other ministries when there is a need. We provide shawls to the seriously ill at retreat weekends. Our priests take them on visits to the seriously ill. We give them to babies, children, teens and adults. We sponsored a house in Haiti and sent a shawl to the mother of the family who would live in our house (see below).

We held a prayer shawl weekend and were able to give over 100 shawls to those in need!

We article was even written about us and published in the Arlington Herald!

Our ministry is to serve others, but we really are just as blessed by all the warm and caring notes we receive from people who have received one of our shawls.  We feel so fortunate that God has given us this opportunity.

Support From Nativity Students

Throughout the month of March, the 2nd graders from Nativity Catholic School eagerly collected several skeins of yarn.  At the end of the month, all skeins are put in a big container for the ladies to have.  The students offer a prayer for the people who would receive the prayer shawls from this yarn.  The photo of the hands, represents “from our hands to the Prayer Shawl Ministry’s hands to create comfort for all those who shall receive”!

Prayer Shawl to Family in Haiti

The Emile family was overjoyed and thanked the Nativity Prayer Shawl Ministry and God for their new home and new start in life.  This gift was given as part of our Operation Starfish® Ministry.

Join Us

Two meetings a month are held for those making Prayer Shawls:
3rd Monday at 9:30 am
3rd Wednesday at 7:00 pm

For more information or to join us, please contact Bonnie Carpenter at [email protected].


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