Young Adult Ministry

We need friendship & belonging – it’s what we all have in common!

We want to walk with you in finding these things and, ultimately, come to realize that we are fulfilled through a relationship with Jesus Christ. There’s a unique experience in being a 20 or 30-something in the Church, and we think you’re more likely to feel at home in a parish if you have a community to call your own.


Virtual Gathering

We know over Zoom isn’t the same as in-person, but we want to have at least an opportunity to gather during Lent! We haven’t seen each other in a LONG time so we look forward to grabbing a warm drink and catching up with you this Lenten season.

WhatZoom gathering with Fr. Vaccaro and others in our community. We’ll have time to catch up with each other (probably with a game), a reflection on Lent, time for smaller group conversation in a breakout room, and prayer together

When: Friday, February 19 | 7:00 – 8:30 pm


We Are...

A Community that grows in our own personal spiritual life through:
– Communal prayer at Daily Mass
– Weekly opportunities for Confession
How to Pray on Your Own – a Nativity YouTube Series
– The Rosary
– More ways to pray on your own

A Community that meets new people and learns about the Faith through:
– Virtual Small Group Discussions. We meet on Tuesdays from 7:30-9pm over Zoom. To learn more, email Alison at [email protected]
– Praying together Live on Instagram
Theology on Tap
Young Family Ministry for young adults with children
– Post COVID: Seasonal one-day pilgrimages, intramural basketball, Joyful Noise praise & worship, local service in the community, etc.

A Community that needs the gifts you have to share! You can get more involved in leadership by:
– Emailing our Director, Alison Fram, with ideas on how you can would like to be more involved in the community. This could be taking more of a leadership role within a current ministry or presenting a new ministry idea you would like to help facilitate.

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“Only God could have known that waiting in line for pizza at the Young Adult Advent Party, chatting with a couple I’d seen once or twice before (and another couple we’d never met!), and then letting them hold our baby for the next three hours would yield an amazing spiritual friendship. Lorenzo and I had just been praying for other married friends, and God provided when we met Erica, Luis, Alex and Remmy. It blossomed from that one conversation into a deep friendship, quarantine Zoom Bible studies, backyard BBQs, and the spiritual accompaniment we all need.” – Katherine Resendez

Spiritual Challenge

Fiat 90 and Exodus 90 are 90-day personal spiritual retreats created for both women and men, respectively, to help explore and develop healthy habits that bring us closer to the Lord. A journey that assists us in growing in our faith and reliance of the Lord in a significant way, while also forging meaningful and lasting friendships.

We stay in touch with each other every week, texting our struggles, our wins and encouraging notes, while meeting virtually every month or so to discuss how things are going.

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How do I join your group?
No formal registration is necessary. Instead, we’d love it if you’d introduce yourself by emailing our Director! We’ll get you on our contact lists, and then connect you with one of our YA leaders who can share a little more about ways to get involved.

What if I’m new to Nativity?
WELCOME! We are so happy you are visiting our site! In addition to our YA Ministry, there are many other ministries at our parish that might interest you. We have complied a list for more ministry opportunities that welcome young adults.

Ministry Leadership

Jesus called the 12 apostles to join him in his work. There is such a gift in being able to offer your skills and experiences to build up the Church!

There are thousands of young adults in our parish community, and we think the best way to reach those people is to help you discover your own gifts. We invite people to share in the ministry by becoming servant leaders.

YA Leadership

Waiting by Hannah Griffith

Waiting is one of my favorite subjects to talk about, so when the Young Adult Ministry approached me about sharing for the Advent season, I was so excited, but as I began to prayerfully consider what to share I realized this would be a challenge. The challenge isn’t in what to share, but rather the timing of sharing. Oftentimes it’s easier to share wisdom and testimony once you are through the season and have come out on the other side.

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Waiting by Lara Holmes

As a child I always had ideas and daydreams of what my future would look like: “When I’m a teenager, life will be like this…Then in college I will do this and that…And when I’m a “real” adult, I’ll live like this. Perfect.” Thankfully, most of those ideas didn’t pan out because as always, God knows better than I ever could. Still, for much of my life I have felt like I was in a waiting period, planning ahead for the next school year, the next summer, the next big family event, the next life change. Being mindful of the future is not a problem in itself and planning ahead is a responsible life skill. But how easy is it for us to think that the plan is only about our heart’s desires and that we can simply will it into existence? Or alternatively, how often do we think that just waiting idly on our own is enough?

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Waiting by Linnette Le

I was fresh out of undergrad living in Los Angeles, working long days at a “cool” job and traveling so much I barely saw any of my friends or family. I was also in a long-term relationship carried over from college. To those who don’t know my story, it probably looked like a sweet setup, but it was actually one of the most spiritually challenging times for me.

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Waiting by Luis Apaestegui

“Waiting” is not a term I have always had difficulty with. If I am being honest, some of my favorite go-to’s are Amazon Prime, Netflix and Uber Eats. Why? Because it’s instant and expected to deliver! So, when God pulled the reins on my beautiful wife and I as we tried to start a family, I felt like I hit a concrete wall at full speed. We have been on an infertility journey for over 3 years now, and while we have ridden the roller coaster of emotions, ultimately we have realized that this waiting period that God has planned for us has been truly fruitful for both our spiritual and marital lives.

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Waiting by Mandy Shealy

When my husband and I got married, we first lived in an apartment in Crystal City. Like many in the DC Metro area, we knew it was a temporary place for us. We bounced from parish to parish, feeling out the vibe and getting a sense of the atmosphere, often feeling like visitors from out of town. At that time, we were much more passive churchgoers, and we waited for an opportunity for someone to approach us, invite us to a social function, be a part of a ministry, etc. but these were few and far between. We became frustrated that we weren’t making friends with married couples of faith and just resigned ourselves to the company we currently kept.

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Waiting by Mary Castellano

As I read the beautiful reflections on times of waiting by our YA Community, I can help but be reminded of the most crucial time of waiting in my own life.

For those who went to college, you probably remember the post-graduation anxiety of waiting to hear back from the dozens of job applications you spent all summer sending out. I, too, spent the whole summer of 2017 sending out job applications. Although I graduated with a degree in Theology, I still wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with it. Like many seniors in college, the final semester was a hazy one for me. My future felt like driving over the American Legion Bridge on a foggy morning – I knew I would come out on the other side, I just had a hard time seeing the road.

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Meet our Director

Welcome to YA Ministry! I was born and raised in Burke (rare, I know) and attended Nativity growing up. I have a BA in Theology from Mount St. Mary’s University and have been working in parish ministry since 2012. I think finding a faith community post-college is one of the most difficult things, and I’ve loved helping to create that for my peers. Let’s get some coffee and talk!

Work Cell: 703-577-5329
Email me at: [email protected]

Meet our Program Assistant

Hi! I’m Mary.

I assist Alison in any way I can to make sure that our ministries run smoothly and attract more people to Jesus Christ. Contact us anytime for more information about what our College, Young Adult, and Family ministries have to offer you.

God bless, and we hope to see you soon!
Email me at: [email protected]

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