We are now scheduling group Baptisms on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at 2:00 pm in the Church for registered Nativity Parishioners. To register at Nativity Parish, please call the Parish Office for a parish registration form.

COVID 19: In an effort to continue protecting the health and safety of our parishioners, we will require face masks and social distancing at our Baptisms. We will limit the number of children being baptized at one ceremony to four.

Schedule a Baptism

Congratulations on the birth of your child! The Sacrament of Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, and we look forward to helping you schedule this sacrament for your family.

Step 1: Paperwork
To begin the process, please first complete our Baptism Application

Then please bring the following to the Parish Office:
1.  Copy of child’s Birth Certificate
2.  A certificate of eligibility for your Catholic godparents.  Please review our Godparent Requirements.  Godparents who are registered members of Nativity do not need to provide a certificate.
3. Completed Baptism Application

Scheduling the date of the Baptism will take place only after these items are received.

Step 2: Preparation for New Parents
If this is your first child (congratulations!), in addition to providing the above paperwork, parents must attend
Baptism Prep. Godparents are welcome, too. Register Online for our Baptism Prep class!

Step 3: Nativity Schedules the Baptism Date
At this point, please call our Baptismal Coordinator, Anna Marty, to review your paperwork, discuss any questions, and schedule the date and time of the Baptism.

Baptism Application


Godparents plays a pivotal role in a child’s life.  Prayerfully select 1 or 2 Catholic Godparents.

Godparent Requirements

Baptism Preparation

This Baptism Prep is for first time parents.  We also welcome Godparents. We want to help you grow in your own understanding of this special Sacrament.

Currently, Baptism Prep is a virtual gathering held over Zoom, where you will meet 4-5 other couples like you who are trying to raise a family and also include faith in family life. We look forward to helping to connect you to the parish through this process. You can register below for our one-time gathering that will last 1.5 hours.

Baptism Prep Registration

Contact Us

Our Baptism Coordinator, Anna Marty, is happy to help you with this process.  Please contact her at at [email protected] or (703) 455-2400.

You can find Anna in the Parish Office Monday – Wednesday from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

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