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“No one can claim the name Christian and be comfortable in the face of the hunger, homelessness insecurity, and injustice found in this country and this world.” – Economic Justice for All, Sec. 27
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Social Action Linking Together (SALT) is a network of persons in Virginia embracing the principle that “The justice of a society can be measured by how the most vulnerable members of that society are faring and being treated.” This principle can be found in all the great religious traditions and inspires SALT members to propose and shape fair public social policies through our education of policy makers & our advocacy for the poor and powerless.

Advocacy is giving personal witness to your faith by speaking on behalf of those who frequently are not heard at the policy-making level. Motivating advocacy is the belief that faith and action need to be linked. Through advocacy, legislators are made aware that there is a responsibility to the needs of God’s special people.

SALT influences public policy by:

  • researching and selecting priority issues for action
  • educating and raising awareness within faith communities
  • building relationships with legislators
  • and advocating for these issues by telephoning, e-mailing, writing, and testifying

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