Bible Study

At Nativity we strive to deepen our relationship with God and one another.  We have a variety of bible study groups to help facilitate your faith journey.

Evening Bible Study

In-person parish meetings cancelled until further notice.  Will begin an online program on April 2nd.

We are currently studying Matthew.  We would love to have you be part of our group.  No qualifications required, just show up when you can. All are welcome. Just bring your bible.

When: Thursdays | 7:15 – 8:50 pm
Where: School Art Room
Contact: [email protected]

Morning Bible Study

This program consists of personal study, group discussion, taped lectures, and prayer. The goal is to lead members to a greater understanding of the Bible, an awareness of God’s living presence in scripture, and an appreciation of how the Bible can be applied to daily life.

When:  Tuesdays from 9:30 – 11:15 am
Where: All Purpose Room
Contact: [email protected]


Women's Bible Study

Cancelled until further notice

Our goal is to grow in knowledge of scripture and love of our faith. Gatherings begin with the rosary, then snacks followed by study and discussion. This spring, we are studying The First 500 Years ~ the Fathers, Councils, and Doctrines of the Early Church by Catholic Courses and presented by Dr. David Meconi, S. J. The Fathers were the immediate inheritors of the teachings of Christ through the Apostles; we study them because they laid down the very foundation of the Church. Patristic theology gives us insights into the beginnings of the most intellectually rich religion in the ancient world and of all time. Join us on Friday mornings, or come as often as you can.

When: Fridays from 9:30 – 11:30 am
Where: Father Ready Room
Contact: Diane Fields at [email protected]

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