Advent Wreath Prayers

If you are setting up an Advent wreath in your home this year, here are some prayers you could say while you light its candles. You may say these before or after a meal, when waking up, before going to bed, or whenever you and the members of your household gather for prayer. Before you say the prayer, read and talk over the Gospel you heard at Sunday Mass that week.

Week 1: O God, who asks us to be watchful and alert because we do not know when you will come, let this candle give us light and help us stay awake. At those times when we you ask us to act, give us strength to respond at once. Through Christ our Lord.

Week 2: O God, who sent John The Baptist to proclaim a baptism of repentance, let these two candles prepare the way for the Lord within us. Forgive our sins and fill us with your Holy Spirit. Make us ready to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Through Christ our Lord.

Week 3: O God, who sent John The Baptist as a voice crying out in the desert, open our ears to hear his message as we light the pink candle. Shape our lives so that they will become a straight path to you. Make us ready to greet your Son when he comes to us. Through Christ our Lord.

Week 4: O God, who sent your angel Gabriel to announce good news to Mary, make us happy with your word of life. Let our hearts be so filled with love for you that they glow with the lights of these four candles. May we live in a way that will please you. Through Christ our Lord.

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