First Penance & First Holy Communion


The Arlington Diocese requires a two-year preparation program for the Sacraments of First Penance and First Holy Communion.  The preparation for these sacraments starts in the 1st Grade.  Students receive First Penance and First Holy Communion towards the end of the 2nd Grade.

Students are also required to:

    • Attend our Jesus Day Retreat, which is part of the First Communion curriculum
    • Attend First Communion Rehearsal

Parents are required to attend the First Penance and First Communion meeting after the Holidays.  Dates will be emailed at the beginning of the RE school year.

New students registering at the 2nd Grade level must complete the 1st Grade curriculum—and the following year, during their 3rd Grade year, register for the 2nd Grade curriculum.

If you are moving from another area or Parish and your child has completed the 1st Grade Program, we need a letter from the previous Parish the student attended or a report card.

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