The Heights to Which We Can Rise

“Do not be saddened this day, for rejoicing in the Lord must be your strength ” Nehemiah: 8:10

My dear parishioners,

The people of Israel finally returned from their exile. Ezra the priest reads to them from the Torah and preaches. It lasted half a day. When he ended, the people rejoiced not because it was over but that now his words and teaching helped them rediscover their common roots and the truth of who they could be in the Lord, a truly chosen people.

Not only did the city walls of Jerusalem need to be rebuilt, but the people themselves had to be rebuilt into a community. We at Nativity recently dedicated the new Fr Martin Center and we rejoice in our new facilities. In May we will begin phase II of our construction project renovating our offices, restrooms, and new church vestibule. Those renovations are exciting and needed. However, the church is more than buildings. We are the people of God.

When we gather for the Sunday Eucharist, the Scriptures remind us of who we are called to be. In a culture where moral standards are always in danger of slipping away, the teachings of the gospel show us the heights to which we can rise. The scriptures and homily keep us in touch with our roots and to what God is calling us to do. They are the place of the life-giving truth that we are all parts of the one Body of Christ and of a mission, sending us to extend the reach of Christ to people around us in this Jubilee year of Mercy.

Love and blessings
Fr. Bob

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