We Are All Called to Serve

Nativity parish stands in solidarity with the poor and vulnerable both locally and globally.  During the Covid-19 global pandemic, Nativity continues to look for ways to serve our brothers and sisters.

Our former pastor, Fr. Martin, would always say, we were generous to the poor around the world and across the street.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington is continuing to serve the poor throughout the 21 counties and seven cities of the diocese while being attentive to our top priority: to keep our clients, volunteers and staff safe while addressing the needs of families and individuals during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Catholic Charities is issuing an urgent plea to parishes, parishioners, and members of the community for material and financial donations, as well as volunteers who are safely able to serve in social distancing settings, with limited public contact.

Help Today

Help Your Neighbors

We are all in this together.  Some are more affected by the Covid-19 pandemic than others. There are many ways you can help (if you’re healthy and observing the precautions suggested by the CDC).   Today, some of your next-door neighbors are self-isolating due to age, auto-immune issues, newborn babies, or just out of caution.  Consider using the form below to leave on their door and see how you can help!

Here To Help Form

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